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 Kinzoku Rikujou-Quincy Master

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Kinzoku Rikujou
Quincy (Master)

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PostSubject: Kinzoku Rikujou-Quincy Master   1/21/2008, 15:07

Name: Kinzoku Rikujou

Gender: Male


Height: 6-3


Rank: Quincy (Master)

Looks: Kinzoku has Black hair,Blue eyes,weres a plain Dark blue shirt with a black robe which has a cross on the back. he also weres regular blue jeans most of the time along with black Sandels.

Personality: Kinzoku usually is quiet and never talks only if he has to. He takes things personally alot and takes to many things serously. He also rarely jokes around or has a real smile on his face.

Likes: Food, his friends(few of them),and his little sister.

Dislikes: Hollows and having attention.

Crushes: None

History: When Kinzoku was growing up he never really had any friends mostly because of his dedication to becoming a great Quincy. He trained with his father about 5 hours a day learning how to shoot arrows better learning new things about the history of Quincy's to some of their moves they made.

When Kinzoku turned 12 he had been training by himself when his family was attacked by about 10 hollows. They had killed his parents when he got home with 7 of the hollows were dead on the ground along with his mother and fathe, as soon as he saw them he ran up to his sisters room and found here fighting three hollows. Kinzoku was angry and started going crazy firing arrows left and right at the Hollows shooting at them even when they were dead on the ground.

As he was done and calmed down he ran down stairs to were his parents were, his father was still alive barely but his mother was not. His fathers last words where to never let this happen to your little sister, while holding his family cross. The cross was now Kinzoku's only thing that he has to remember of his parents that he got from them.

He lived on his own for many years still going to school. At the age of 15 he had been a great Quincy being able to hit things from long distances and able to create different moves. This is the year he was finally noticed because of those skills because of a torny that tested ones Quincy strength, he had joined it and had easily blew out everybody in his age group along with a few kids older then him. He had came in 3rd in the tourny that had every age.

Kinzoku trained harder and harder spending mostly all of his time now learning. At this time his sister had started to become a Quincy aswell only being on the first stage. She was well known now because of Kinzoku so she had gotten more help and was turning into a Quincy faster then he was. At the age of 20 Kinzoku at completely mastered the arts of being a Quincy.

Latter that year they had the same tourny,but this time Kinzoku completely swept the floor with his opponents rarely saying anything to them when he won not even bragging a bit. He also didn't say anything that the people that were impressed by his skills, infact he actually didn't like it when people talked about it because he thought of his powers a result of training when people thought he was just lucky he won or when he beat alot of the Quincy's.

Kinzoku now lives with his sister in his parents house training to be the greatest Quincy that ever lived and train his little sister to be as good as he is and to defend herself and destroy Hollows and never to hold back even if they are her friends.
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Shiroijin Dante
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PostSubject: Re: Kinzoku Rikujou-Quincy Master   1/21/2008, 15:54

So much for not knowing what Bleach is, Lol.

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Kinzoku Rikujou-Quincy Master
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