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 Rules - Code of Behavior

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PostSubject: Rules - Code of Behavior   9/11/2007, 16:20

Rules - Code of Behavior

1. Respect others. Do not insult nor make fun of other members or moderators. This will get you respect as well and a certain of not getting a temporary ban.

2. Respect the moderators/ administrators decisions. Sometimes, the reason of the actions they may take may not be very clear to you. If so, please simply send a pm to him or her, asking the motives. Have in mind that the pm must not have bad language or insults.

3. Do not bug the mods all the time. If you have warned the moderator about something, don't worry, he will pay attention to it in due time.

4. Before posting anything, make sure you are posting it in the right place. The forums have a small description below it's name, and it will probably have a "Rules" topic in it as well.

5. No multi account. Each user should have one and only one account. If you have brothers or sisters using the same computer (or internet connection) please notify an admin once you register.
Violation on this rule will result on a permanent ban with no previous warning.

6. Do not post in character/kidos/clan/equipment topics that aren't yours. The mods will tell the user everything he needs to know and to correct.
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Rules - Code of Behavior
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