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 Quincy Powers, Skills and Items

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PostSubject: Quincy Powers, Skills and Items   9/11/2007, 16:08

Quincy's Powers come from the spiritual energy in the Atmosphere

Quincy's items:
Hollow bait:coin-shaped disk that attracts hollows when crushed.

Quincy bangle:an artifact designed to mimic a Quincy's natural powers.(The bangle is an unstable and delicate device, which eventually falls apart with extended use)

Quincy cross:Standard equipment for any Quincy, the Quincy Cross acts as the focus for a Quincy bow.

Sanrei glove:a powerful Quincy artifact that can increase a Quincy's power exponentially(requires difficult and dangerous training wearing it for a week while constantly firing spiritual arrows to master) P.S. THIS GLOVE MY NEVER BE REMOVE OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR POWERS UNLESS(The only way for a Quincy to regain their powers after using the final form is to first exhaust themselves both mentally and physically, then be hit exactly 19 mm to right of their heart with a spirit arrow. After this, a pentacle-shaped scar will form on the point of impact, and their powers will be restored.)

Seele Schneider:a portable arrow that doubles as a sword in melee combat,the spirit particles of its blade vibrate at ultra-high frequencies, loosening the molecular bonds between any spirit matter it cuts so that the Quincy user may easily absorb the freed spirit particles.

Silver tubes:are small liquid-filled capsules that store spiritual energy, and are used by Quincy for spellcasting in the same way that shinigami use kidō. Like kidō, they are activated by calling out various commands.

Silver tube techniques:
Haizen:rectangular beam of energy from four silver tubes which slices through the opponent(activated by the command "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Sacred Bite!)

Gritz:forms a man-sized pentacle symbol which envelops its target.(activated by the command "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Quintuple Restraining Frames!)

Volcore:uses a silver tube to create a large blast.(activated by the command "Tilt the goblet to the west - Emerald Grail!)

Sprenger :uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal, which when activated causes a massive explosion within its borders. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion.(The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time.)

Quincy techniques:
Hirenkyaku:allows the user to move quickly over short distances(To perform the technique, the user gathers spiritual particles under their feet and rides them to the desired location.)

Ransōtengai:a high level technique that allows the user to control their body parts using strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain.(allowing them to continue fighting even if their limbs are broken or their body was paralyzed or immobilized in some other way.)
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Quincy Powers, Skills and Items
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