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 The Power of Hollowfication!

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PostSubject: The Power of Hollowfication!   9/22/2007, 14:36

BIG NEWS! New systems for Hollows, Arrancar, and the Vizards. Hollows have low Reiatsu compared to Shinigami, but still have some Unique abilities. They use vicous claws and Special Attatchments to kill their opponents. The Arrancars have been finally given their Zanpaktou. Only powerful ones can get this, for their both transform one's body, and give immeanse amounts of energy. Finally, the dawning of the Vizards. A new Race, they are Shinigami who have gained the powers of Hollows, with their unique masks. They have all the powers of a Shinigami and more, but are small in numbers. They have a Mask Template for their Hollow abilities. Finally, a New Hollow Power area is in the Keido area next to Quincy powers.
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The Power of Hollowfication!
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