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 Vizard's Mask Template

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PostSubject: Vizard's Mask Template   9/20/2007, 18:56

Inner Holllows Name:(While Ichigo's inner hollow did not say it's name, I believe it has a name, and if learned, would allow Ichigo even more power. Like with a Zanpaktou, knowing something's name increases it's power. Example, my Hollow's Name would be Mascara(Pronounced Mask Scar a.), which is spanish for mask.)

Mask Description:(The form that the mask takes. Ichigo's, for example, is round and long, while Shinji's is like pharaoh's mask, and Hiyori's is like rhinoceros-like in appearance. This usually matches your Inner Hollow in some way, and can be tied to your powers in a way.)

Mask Effects:(This is for what happens when you use your Mask. Generally, this increases their Shinigami Powers, giving them massive increases in strength, Stamina, and Speed. They also gain access to some of the common hollow abilities, such as Cero blasts. Bodily harm can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's hollow during his unwilling transformations. Finally, it can also augument some of your Zanpaktou's Powers, as seen with Ichigo and the Black Getsuga Tenshio.)

History: (This is where you write about how you gained control over your inner Hollow and your obtaining of your Mask. This is prefered to be even longer then your Shikai, and sometimes longer then your Bankai's History. You must describe your inner battle against your Hollow, how you won, and what happened after. Usually, it helps if you include other Vizards who help you with your control, like with Kurasaki Ichigo.)

Spirit Energy Cost: (This is the Cost for activating your mask. Generally, this cost is not High, but enough so you cannot use the Mask without at least some Reiatsu. For each 5 amount of the base cost, you gain 6 seconds to your time limit. So, someone who pays 10 to activate the mask would be able to use the mask for 12 Seconds. The Max cost is 15, or 18 Seconds base for the time.)

Time Limit: (This is the time Limit of your Mask form. 6 Seconds=1 Full Turn, so a Vizard who could use their mask for 30 seconds, would have 5 Turns of Mask form. Generally, this limit is higher for higher ranking user. If you start at a low time(Say, 12 Seconds.) This would increase by 6 for each ranking up. So, you say you start at 12 Seconds, and then rank up twice. This would increase it to a total of 24 Seconds. The Time that you must wait to use your mask again after it breaks is equal to the time you wore your mask. So, using it for 2 rounds, you would have to wait 2 rounds to use it again, and of course pay the cost again.)
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PostSubject: Re: Vizard's Mask Template   9/20/2007, 20:38

Here is an example of what I would do for my Mask.

Inner Hollow's Name:Mascara

Mask Description: Kenshin's mask is roughly triangular shape, the point of one side going down below his chin, the other two going upward at a curved sides, the tops of them almost like horns. 3 Line Spaces on the cheek area of the mask are on either side of it. The eye slots on the mask are roughly rectangular pointing vertically down.

Mask Effects: Kenshin gains an Incrediable amount of Stregnth, speed, and Stamina, like most Vizards, and gains access to Hollow Powers such as Cero and Bala. He also is capable of creating Spirit chains when his Zanpaktou is released from anywhere, instead of just from his hands. This allows him to trap his enemies much easily. Finally, his Shurreda(Shredder) has been upgraded into a New Attack. Mayonaka Shurreda(Midnight Shredder.) This is like the Normal Shurreda, except it has a White Reiatsu around it, and is much stronger then the normal version.

History:Too Lazy for now.

Spirit Energy Cost: 15 Per use.

Time Limit: 42(Or 7 Turns. Assuming that the Vizards use the same System as Shinigamis, abeit with different names, that would be 4 ranks above the first rank, and 18 seeing as 15=18.)

This is basically how the system work. Though, changes of course, are acceptable.
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Vizard's Mask Template
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