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 Kido Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Kido Rules and Information   9/11/2007, 16:05

These are the rules for using Kido (Demon Arts). Each character is able to have a set of kido spells. Of course each spell will take up a number of SE (Spirit Energy Points). You can create your own kido.
Information on Shinigami SE:

Regular shinigamis that haven’t released their zanpakuto’s shikai for the first time yet, start out with 50 SE.
Shinigamis without a rank can have at least 60 SE.
Officer shinigamis can have at least 70 SE.
Lieutenant shinigamis can have at least 85 SE.
Captains can have at least 100 SE.
When releasing a zanpakuto’s shikai, the shinigami wielding it will gain 20 SE.
When releasing a zanpakuto’s bankai, the shinigami wielding it will gain 50 SE.

Kido is separated into two different categories- Hado and Bakudo. Hado are mainly blasts and other damaging effects; Bakudo are mainly sealing and bindings.
In this RPG, there are different elements for each kido, examples:

White Thunder- Lightning
Blue Fire, Crash Down- Fire
Silver Chains- Metal
Bronze Sand- Earth
And etc.

Each time when a kido is used, the user will use SE (eg. 5045); every kido spell must have a cost of at least 5 SE in order to be performed; the stronger the spell, the more the cost. After creating the kido while using the Kido Template, you must have it approved by an administrator or a moderator in order to use it during a battle.
[Information on the template]

Name: the name of the kido. It must have a color in it’s name to signify the element or just to make the name look more effective.

Type: the kido can either be hado (damaging spell) or a bakudo (sealing or binding), or it can be a medical (healing or body enhancement).

Element: the element of the kido can be of the following Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water, Wind, Metal, Shadow, Light.

Effect: the effect of the kido. It can only have one effect.

Downside: Every kido must have a downside, in order to keep the balance.

Spirit Energy Cost: Each time a kido is activated, it will deduct from the user’s total Spirit Energy Points; the kido must be at least 5 SE cost.

Obtained: Where and how your character obtained the kido.
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Kido Rules and Information
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