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 Rules for Human Special Abilities

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PostSubject: Rules for Human Special Abilities   9/11/2007, 16:01

These are the rules for special abilities for humans. In Bleach (Anime and Manga) there are human who can have spiritual powers unlike a shinigami.
Each human character can only have one special ability but dont be confused it cna have multi-purposes and stuff ex:Orihime

Name: The name of the ability.

Type: The type of ability (e.g. Body part/enhancement, element manipulation, etc.)

Appearance: How the ability acts or looks in description.

Effects: The effect of the ability. *Note that no matter how powerful an ability is, it may not be invincible.

History: How did your character gain this ability; A minimum of 100 words.

Spirit Energy Cost: Every time the character uses the effect of the ability, it will use SE.
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Rules for Human Special Abilities
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