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 my character

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PostSubject: my character   3/28/2012, 07:47

he is named hikaru, last name kraven, born to an american soul reaper and a japanese quincy. anyways, he is 19 in human years, and his zanpakuto is a scythe with the image of a wolf head on the shaft. its name is moriuza-fenrir. the power is to transform it into a giant wolf and in order to summon it he says "howl at the moon and harvest their souls, moriuza-fenrir!" his bankai is a sort of white and gold samurai armor. with it he can go super fast to the point of insanity. his hair is sorta black with a streak of blonde going down the middle. his eyes are almost white they're so blue. his personality is sorta guilt-ridden for having let his sister anka die , when his family was attacked by arrancars. he had to choose who to try to save. in essence, it was a test by them to try to see how powerful the arrancars could get by killing soul reapers. that is when his powers awoke. he loves music by metal and alternative bands.( american). his favorite band is blue oyster cult, and the fave song is "dont fear the reaper." he also likes to meditate while listening to the offspring- gone away. his fave pasttime is training so that he can kill arrancars. he has a mask that he can use to boost his bankai and zanpakuto powers and his masks personality is the complete opposite
of his and the name is orochi-oni. it can completely overpower him when he feels despair. he plays guitar and writes poetry, of course. he is a master of hand to hand combat. his zanpakuto shares a symbiotic relationship with the hollow inside. he also has the ability to change from shinigami to quincy.

what do you think? i hope it gets approved and that i don't get sued for copyright infringement for the band name and song.
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my character
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