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 Maximo Hayashi

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PostSubject: Maximo Hayashi   6/2/2011, 14:48

Name: Maximo Hayashi

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'10"

Race: Ends up as Shinigami (read history to see what he was)

Rank: Rogue

Looks: Brown hair, brown eyes. Has half of his hollow mask on his head which looks like a jester hat. Green shirt with grey undersleeves and red tie. Has a hollow mask strapped on his left shoulder.

Personality: Looks tired and lazy all of the time but has witty rewards and jokes. When he is in battle, he turns crazy you can say (much like Ichigo's hollow).

Likes: Sleep, fighting

Dislikes: Awkward situations

Crushes: Some schoolgirl that he never really asked out. (history will explain her plot in the story)

History: When Maximo was 17 years old, he always hung out with this one girl. He always wanted to ask her out but didn't know how she would react. One day, it rained and made the roads very slick. Maximo was driving when his car hydroplaned and crashed. Maximo died and became a soul but refused to the Soul Society because he felt attached to the school where he would this girl everyday. After months of his soul being stuck at the school, a hollow got a scent for him and attacked. Maximo began to run but couldn't escaped. He dodged and tried to get away but couldn't. During the midst of his escape and ambush, the hollow broke his soul chain which broke the hollow's horn. Maximo turned around and picked up to horn in self defense and killed the hollow. However, because his soul chain broke, he went under encroachment. Maximo tried to fight the encroachment, but he was too weak and became a hollow (dog-like hollow).

When he first became a hollow, Maximo went on a soul hungry rage. He attacked students at his old school which led to his awakening that he wouldn't see that girl again. He made up his mind not to ever go after a human soul again. But, still his hunger persist. He began to get so hungry that he attacked and ate hollows. One day, a hollow was fleeing from him and retreated to Hueco Mundo, but Maximo followed the hollow to Hueco Mundo. He became stronger and stronger in Hueco Mundo. He began to eat more and better hollows. He even began to go after Menos Grandes. He moved up the ranks of the Menos and became more powerful. He later evolved into a arrancar and felt a new sensation with his new power. This power made him feel cocky and confident which made go back into the world of the living to find Soul Reapers. He attacked and ate Soul Reapers, so many that the Soul Society sent the 3rd seat of squad 7 to finish him. Maximo felt that this Soul Reaper was no challenge because he was so small compared to his Zanpaktou. However, the 3rd seat proved him wrong and told him when you reach a certain level, you can control the size of your Zanpaktou. Weakened, Maximo escaped back to Hueco Mundo, obsessed with this idea. He became stronger and learned to control his size. His appearance changed from him hollow dog-like to his old human form. As he became stronger, he became a primera espada. But, when Aizen came, Maximo was forced to resign as an espada which led to him rebelling from Aizen. He no longer wanted to be an arrancar. He wanted to be whole again.

To be whole again, Maximo needed the soul (heart) of a powerful Soul Reaper. His idea was to exchange each other's soul so he was to become a Shinigami and the Shinigami to become a hollow. Maximo search and killed many Soul Reapers but none were powerful enough for him to become whole. Finally, Maximo came across that same 3rd seat Soul Reaper that defeated him earlier. Maximo fought this Soul Reaper and was badly wounded, but he managed to defeat him. To do the transformation, Maximo created a hole (like his hollow hole) in the Soul Reaper and extracted his soul to put into his hollow hole. When he did this, Maximo went into his inner world where he had to beat the hollow out of him. Tired and exhausted, Maximo awakes with his hole filled but still part of his arrancar mask stayed. However, the Soul Reaper that he defeated became a hollow and attacked Maximo. Maximo defeated the hollow and strapped its mask to his left shoulder as a reminder of his old self.

Traveling alone, Maximo was contacted by the Vizards. He easily joined and began learn how to use his hollowification powers which he learned quite easily since he was a hollow. Maximo left VIzards after a few years of being with them because he wanted to feel human again. He now wanders around to world trying to find his way back into his human body and is trying to find the secrets of time travel and resurrection to go back to his old life and his old home.
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Maximo Hayashi
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