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 The 6th one

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6th Vizard


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PostSubject: The 6th one   7/14/2010, 10:46

Question Im the 6th in group!

A much powerfull vizard. Im its own kind, always with energy and rage, yelling for fights. Mercy i give to the ones i feel that they were a such opponent.

I have no weapon, nothing but the skin I use as sheild and to fight. I have blades attached to my elbows as a part of my body, kido and power of fighting is what i use. I am usefull in whom i am with. They lead me i will garentee win on my side. Im not big,but muscular and not small, a black vizard i am.
But there is a catch, if i am to fight it must be in the shadows if full power is to rise within me, the day is fine i can match who i can kill.
I have wings that spread to 18 feet like a dragons wing,but much more flexible and use it as shield my hand are the gun and sword. My tail is long with a sharp like blade at the end it is 3 feet.

All I say is do not temp me, if you make the right choice i will give you what you will be rewarded for.


My human form is a 18 year old, male.
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The 6th one
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