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 Kyo Zumaki

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Kyo Maru


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PostSubject: Kyo Zumaki   5/20/2010, 00:23

Name : Kyo Zumaki

Gender: Male




Rank:Academy Student

Looks: Average height with short spikey red hair,light brown eyes,nice tan skin,body in very good shape

Personality: Calm,cool,active,gets angry easily,confident,lazy

Likes: Sleeping in class,and a good opponent,training with his Zanpakuto

Dislikes: Studying,loud people,bullies anybody who prey on the weak


History: Kyo was born into a middle class family,because of Kyo unbelievable amount of spiritual energy he was chosen to become a Shinigami.Curently in his last year of the Shinigami Academy Kyo is at the top of his class and his Zanpaukto skills are amazing for a Shinigami his age but because of his laziness he falls behind on classwork ,awaken his Zanpaukto (Hikaru Which Mean Shooting Star) powers by accident he is now in full control of his Zanpaukto allowing him to release an extreme large amount of spirit energy so emence that his skin begins to peel,even thou kyo is so young his skills rivals those of a Vice Captain.
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Kyo Zumaki
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