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 Anjei Souzei-Shin

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PostSubject: Anjei Souzei-Shin   6/10/2009, 18:16

Name: Anjei Souzei-Shin

Gender: Male

Age: Though very old, exact age is uncertain. Appears to be in his mid 30's, though lines caused once by laughter, now by bitterness, make him seem older.

Race: Shinigami

Rank: FORMER captain of the 10th squad. (before even the Pendulum events)

Appearance: 6"1 He wears the traditional Shinigami clothing, though the sleeves are cut almost completely off, only the shoulders remain. Bandages are visible all the way up his arms starting at the wrists, if his torso is ever exposed bandages are visible as well, indicating most of his body is covered. His face is weathered, tan, and lined with weariness and the outward sign of his inner bitterness. His eyes are hardened, the color of crimson. His hair is shoulder length, somewhat messy, and black tipped with crimson.

Personality: Though in the far past he was a kind, if strict man (as those few alive who knew him, such as Captain Ukitake) past events have left him a cold, seemingly emotionless man. Though beneath this is his true self, one who cares deeply about his friends and comrades, though few if any of them remain. He seems to bear a strong grudge towards all of Soul Society, though it only extends toward certain key figures of it. The few times he appears there and comes into contact with their members, they notice this, that his anger is not pointed at Soul Society in it's entirety, but that being there brings his bitterness to the surface.

History: Far in Soul Society's past, Anjei Sousei-Shin was the captain of squad 10. He was well known for his harsh training regimines, in contrast to the warmth and familiarity with which he treated his squad members. His Vice-Captain, Katini Megami, was also his wife and his life. His life, however, changed drastically when, for an as yet unrevealed reason, Katini lost her life to prevent disaster within Soul Society, authorized by Captain-Commander Yammamoto himself. Enraged by the loss of his wife and the cowardly, uncaring manner he saw her 'killers' took in committing the act, Anjei left Soul Society. He has spent years upon years traveling through all of the worlds, nursing his great wounds and sharpening his sword and skills, bearing his great hatred of what was done to his love and life.

Sorry if this seemed too long, I'm a bit of a rambler lol! This is my first time to this site, and my first post on it, so if I did anything wrong please let me know and I will make neccessary changes/updates
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Anjei Souzei-Shin
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