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Cait Sodwind

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PostSubject: Ryudo   5/15/2009, 06:22

Name: Ryudo

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Height: 7 foot


Rank: 4th

Looks: Ryudo is simply put, not humanb, in fact he appears to be more of a furred creature then anything even remotely human. His stature and clothing first catch the eye, standing at a tall 7 foot, with a lean, yet muscular shape, the humanoid stands wearing a simple white jumpsuit. Upon closer inspection, you'll notive the other features, like the animalistic ears, face, and tail. To put it simply, Ryudo is a giant, Anthropomorphic Skunk, his hollow hole lies right in the center of his tail, and the remnants of his mask cover his lower jaw, and the bridge of his nose, making what looks like a pair of lenseless glasses.

Personality: The wild partyboy of the bunch, flirtatous, outgoing, and always willing to pick on his friends, much to their annoyance.

Likes: Women, himself

Dislikes: Loud Noises and Tomatos

Crushes: None so far

History: In the course of history much has happened, but the little known story of how this particualy arrencar came to be is still a mystery. Here is what is known.

Sometime a few hundred years ago a small hollow began to grow stronger, devouring the other small hollows until it had reached Menos Level, The personality remained, so upon feasting on other menos the hollow shifts into something small once again, this time in the shape of a skunk.

In the last one hundred years, the hollow shifted from Hueco Mundo to the Phisical World, where the sights and sounds caused it to panic, and acually cause itself to return to Hueco Mundo by running into somthing. The Mask Shattered, leaving the current anthro skunk, with an inability to speak, or think above instinct level.

Twenty years ago that anthro gets into fight with a fellow hollow. This one nearly got the upperhand until after getting thrown into a sand dune, the skunk's handpaw falls onto something sharp, cutting his hand open, after seeing it was a sword, the skunk slings it upward and the hollow is impaled on it, where the skunk then eats it. After eating that hollow, the skunk began to think on a logical human level, and gained the ability to speak.
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