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 Ayato Zinjiko

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PostSubject: Ayato Zinjiko   6/16/2008, 20:08

Name: Ayato Zinjiko

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5'10"

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Lieutenant of Squad 1

Looks: Ava

Personality: Trustworthy and kind, tries to befriend everyone even those he shouldn't try to. Fiercely loyal and will protect his friends at any cost to himself.

Likes: Friends, drawing, swordplay.

Dislikes: Rain, hollows, crime.

Crushes: none

History: When he was born into his life as a human he was surrounded by people who had high spritual pressure but no powers ever emerged within him. One day his family was attacked by hollows and were killed because they were caught by surprise. He escaped the hollow attack by running and bled to death while looking for help. He was brought to Soul Society where his pent up spiritual energy was finally manifested as Shinigami powers. His bright disposition is meant as a comfort to his friends and as a false weakness to his enemies. When he enters battle he calls forth the memories of watching his family get slaughtered to fight his best.
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Ayato Zinjiko
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