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 Maiku Urufu

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PostSubject: Maiku Urufu   5/6/2008, 02:39

Name: Maiku Urufu

Gender: male

Age: Appears 17, though his actual age is 57

Height: 6'3"

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Captain, Squad 7

Looks: Tall, with Short, Dark brown hair combed forward and spiked up at the front, light grey eyes, longer and sharper than usual canines, lightly tanned skin and a stocky, built body.

Personality: Kind, and at peace with the world, however he doesnt tend to show too much outward emotion, and because of this he is often veiwed as stuck up or uncaring.

Likes: a good battle, his Zanpakuto, the ladies and good music.

Dislikes: cowards, hollows, people who dont fight thier own battles and bullies.

Crushes: none...yet.

History: Maiku is unsure of how he died or how he ended up in soul society, though he became a shinigami to satisfy his deep-seeded hatred for hollows. After graduating the academy early, he spent some years in solitude, returning once he had mastered the power of his Zanpakuto, and after working his way up through the ranks of squad 7, was given a promotion to 7th Squad Captain.
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Maiku Urufu
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