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 Kaisei Ubatama

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PostSubject: Kaisei Ubatama   5/5/2008, 04:50

Name: Kaisei Ubatama

Gender: male

Age: 35

Height: 6'1"

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Captain squad 6

Looks: tall, curly blonde hair,black headband with the knot just above right ear, blue eyes, tan skin, toned body.

Personality: Joyful, Kind, Subordinate

Likes: Fighting, His Zanpakuto, Pretty Women

Dislikes: People who threaten his family or friends

Crushes: none at this time

History: Kaisei Ubatama passed away at the age of 30 but due to his youthfulness was reverted back to his 15 year old self when he came to the soul society. His zanpakuto released it's shikai when Kaisei was the 13th seat of the 6th squad and Kaisei was promoted to vice captain. After 5 long hard years of training he achieved bankai and was appointed captain of squad 6 at the young age of 30.
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Kaisei Ubatama
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