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 Rikanaksus powers

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Menos (Adjuchas)

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PostSubject: Rikanaksus powers   1/30/2008, 15:46

Cero: Ceros is a High Powered Energy Blast that can be fired from either the mouth or hand. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizards are capable of using Cero attacks, and it the stronger the user, the more powerful the Blast.
SE Cost:7
A technique in which an arrancar or hollow inhales deeply, sucking in the souls of weak humans nearby. This will kill most Humans in the area, and will decrease the exaustion of an Arrancar.
SE Cost: 5
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Shiroijin Dante
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PostSubject: Re: Rikanaksus powers   1/30/2008, 20:21

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Rikanaksus powers
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