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 ichi's kido

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PostSubject: ichi's kido   1/25/2008, 08:52

Name: black lighting

Type: Hado

Element: lightning/darkness

Effect: the kido shocks the target with an electrical current. if the target is hit the target experiances a temporary blindness

Downside: if ichi doesnt focus he could go blind for a while or lose the use of his hand for a while

Spirit Energy Point cost: 11

Obtained: Ichi was in the library when he had discovered two scrolls. one with the kido for a strong lightning strike and one for a strong shadow strike. Ichi was curious as always and wanted to combine there powers and effects. Ichi had grabbed the scrolls and then went to the training field. Ichi had discovered the side effects right away as it failed at least twenty times when Ichi then tried using less power when combining them and it finally worked.

Name: white lighting.

Type: Hado

Element: Lightning

Effect: the user shoots a strong and thin shot of lightning out of his fingertips at his target. has a high penatration rate and mid descrutive power.

Downside: the user's fingertips can become burned and blackened.

Spirit Energy Point cost: 7)

Obtained: Ichi had browsed the library for new skills and found this one.

Name: rods of light

Type: Bakudo

Element: light

Effect: 6 rods made of light rain down on the target and if the target is struck the target is immobilized.

Downside: the move can only be used a few times to be totally sucesful otherwise they lose there strength and durability.

Spirit Energy Point cost: 9

Obtained: Ichi found a scroll with this kido on it in the library

Name: flash step

Type: Bakudo

Element: none

Effect: the user can move great distances in little amounts of time.

Downside: the user can get tired pretty fast if they havent mastered the skill

Spirit Energy Point cost: 6

Obtained: a skill taught to him by his captain that shinigami ranked 4th seat and up know but only the leutenent and captain are skilled at it.
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ichi's kido
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