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 Centeral Room 46

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PostSubject: Centeral Room 46   1/24/2008, 15:15

Yorokobi arrives at centeral room 46. At the door Yorokobi states" 11th Division Captain, Yorokobi." The door opens in the room he sees many old wise people arround sitting in the chairs that surround the center. "State your bussiness here," says one of them in a harsh voice. "I wish to go to earth for the time being to kil some hallows sense nothing important is going on." Says Yorokobi. They all begin muttering amoungst themselves. Finally one of the men goes down and tells each of the 6 judges what they have just discussed. They talked to each other then every thing stopped. "We the judges say that you can go to earth on one condition; you must wear this and comeback here right away if any thing happens." The man on the right edge said as he held up an eye patch. Yorokobi knew what this was it was the eyepatch his old Captain, Kenpachi, had worn it was known do reduce spirtit power by 40%. Yorokobi did not even beileve they still had it Kenpachi was still even wearing it at his funeral. "Thank you" Yorokobi said as he took the eye patch from the man. Yorokobi then walked out began preperations to go to Earth. This must be so I dont alert any Vizards or Arrancar to my presence thought Yorokobi.

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Centeral Room 46
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