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Kaido Ryudo

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PostSubject: Kaido's   1/24/2008, 13:45


Type: (Hado/Bakudo)

Element: (Fire, Lightning, Earth, Water, Wind, Metal, Shadow, Light)



Spirit Energy Point cost: (At least 5 SE)


Name: shunkō

Type: Hado/Hakudo (hakudo = the bleach version of taijutsu)

Element: Spirit

Effect: a technique that combines hand-to-hand combat and kidō. It concentrates high-pressure kidō energy around the body, allowing it to be fired at opponents. It can also be used to instantly neutralize an opponent's movement.

Downside: can ruin a perfectly good set of clothes and it costs a lot of se

spirit energy: 7 + 1 per post activated

Obtained: Learned from Soifon-san when she decided to retire from being the secret remote squad leader.

Name: Shunpo

Type: Medical

Element: Enhancement

Effect: a high speed movement ability. Though this is by no means a unique skill, as most seated officers are capable of performing it to various degrees. can only be followed by one that is the equivilant of one rank lower than the user

Downside: can trip easily

Spirit Energy Point cost: 5

Obtained: Learned from Momo-san

Name: utsusemi

Type: unsure

Element: unsure

Effect: allows a person to move out of harms way by creating another image of themselves through the use of shunpo

Downside: image does not last long

Spirit Energy Point cost: 6

Obtained: Accidentally used it once then practiced it till he mastered it

Name: senka

Type: Hakudo

Element: N/A

Effect: a flash step combined with a spin to quickly move behind the enemy, followed by a strike aimed to destroy the saketsu chain and the hakusui soul sleep with a combination of two quick thrusts

Downside: it can easily be blocked if movements are visible

Spirit Energy Point cost: 6 SE

Obtained : Learned From Byakuya

Name: Shakkahou Red Flame Cannon

Type: Hado

Element: Fire

Effect: after the kotodama (spirit chant) or even with out it spirit energy is focused to the hands creating an explosive fire ball that is fired at a target

Downside: can blow up too close

Spirit Energy Point cost: 5

Obtained Acadamy tought it to me

Name: Dark flame Dragon

Type: Hado

Element: Fire/Shadow

Effect: this technique is unique to kaido it creates a dragon made of black fire that is fired from his right arm to damage his opponent. the dragon follows my opponent till it hits them through the will of my spirit energy

Downside: burns my arm and i can not use my right arm for the rrst of the battle if i use this tech 6 times in one battle

Spirit Energy Point cost: 5 SE

Obtained: created it myself

Name: Pyrokinesis

Type: Hado/Bakudo

Element: Fire

Effect: Allows Kaido to manipulate fire however he wants through the use of his spirit energy giving him complete control over the element of fire

Downside: Cannot be used at same time as Cryokinesis

Spirit Energy Point cost: 5 per post (no matter what i do during that post)

Obtained: had it naturally

Name: Cryokinesis

Type: Hado/Bakudo

Element: Water/Ice

Effect: allows Kaido to manipulate water, steam, and ice through the use of his spirit energy. he can make the water into ice and vice versa allowing for him to freeze trap or attack his opponent with it

Downside: cannot be used with pyrokinesis

Spirit Energy Point cost: 5 se per post no matter what i did with the water in that post

Obtained; Had naturally
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