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 Quincy Items

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PostSubject: Quincy Items   9/11/2007, 16:00

There isn’t that much to a Quincy’s bow and their arrows. The arrows are made of spiritual energy and so are the bows. The bows can become stronger and more focused when using an item (e.g. a Quincy glove). This weapon creation is for Quincys only.

Name: The name of the Quincy item that allows the user to create and focus a spirit bow and arrows.

Item: What kind of item allows the user to create and focus the spirit bow and arrows. Description is required.

Rank: What rank of Quincy is required to use the item (e.g. Rookie, Junior, Pro, Master).

Effect: What special effect does the item give the Quincy (e.g. Three arrow shot at once)

Spirit Energy Cost: Every time the character uses the effect of the ability, it will use SE.

Obtained: How the Quincy obtained the item.

(Note: The weapon can be customized as other ranged weapons, such as Crossbows or even slings, that fire Spiritual Energy.)
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Quincy Items
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