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 Leaders Office

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PostSubject: Leaders Office   1/21/2008, 18:47

The Leader's Room is a medium sized room, with a high ceiling, and sadly, no view. A long Desk stands in the middle of the room, a chair on the other side of it. A few cabinents stand on either side, containing important paper work. A long, Sword that could be a Zanpaktou is held up on the wall. The Leader sits in the chair, his feet on the desk, louning lazily. He stares up into the ceiling, as if expecting it to open up suddenly. The room was cold, for he had not gotten a heater for the warehouse yet. His own Zanpaktou lay on the side of the Chair, sheathed, of course. The lightbuld flickered on and off, as frequently as a chirping Cricket. This dark, cold, empty room was the epicenter of all Vizard activities.
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Leaders Office
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