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 Sijimichi vs Hideki

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PostSubject: Sijimichi vs Hideki   1/21/2008, 15:30

Hideki could sense the area's ownings. It was a white desert. Yes, a white desert. It was non-other than the deserts of Hueco Mundo.

Hideki acted like he was looking around, but he couldn't do to the fact that he had no eyeballs and his face was wrapped perfectly in mummy-like bandages. He was born with no eye balls, though. It wasn't like he wasn't used to it. He felt comfortable about having no eyes.

He hadn't come here for no reason, though. He came for the purpose of training with a Hollow. This was no ordinary Hollow, though. It was non-other than the Vasto Lorde itself. It went by the name of Sijimichi. He felt his Zanpaku-to and took it off, preparing himself.

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PostSubject: Re: Sijimichi vs Hideki   1/21/2008, 15:58

Sijimichi crossed the white dessert,Hueco Mendo, while chewing on a humans leg.His skin was a dark blue shade and his mask was white with two upside down triangles under it's eye slits.His claws where long,clean and white. He had just came from earth and was now heading to Arrancer numero tres. This guy better not kill me...or whatever you kall it when you kill the dead... Sijimichi countinued chewing on the leg untill he was done with it. He belched loudly and then he chuckled at the thought of being hurt.

Sijimichi quickly found Hideki. So,are you ready? The hollow grinned as he stared at the arrancer. There was obviously a difference in power between the two of them,though if Sijimichi had ever decided to take off his mask he would probaly just as strong.This would probaly never happen... Here we go,hehehe...
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Sijimichi vs Hideki
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