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Menos (Vasto Lorde)

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PostSubject: Sijimichi   1/21/2008, 09:24

Name: Sijimichi


Age: ???

Height:6 feet- 4 inches


Rank: Menos (Vasto Lorde)

Looks: Sijimichi is much much smaller than other Menos.His skin is a dark blue shade and his eyes are completly black. Sijimich has a large hole in his chest and his hands and feet have white claws on them. His mouth seems to reach from the back of his jawline to the front of his face. His mask is almost completly white except for the two downward tringles bellow the eye's.

Personality: Sijimichi has an interesting personality. He isn't at all quiet,and is seen to laugh a lot. He is pretty much a large mouthed monster. He doesn't seem to be all that inteligent but that changes while in battle. Sijimichi often brags that he is the strongest hollow in all of the universe and he truely belives this. Although with this cocky attitude,Sijimichi loves to learn from stronger people than him. He is also blood thirsty and will feast on a human in a momments notice.

Likes: Knowladge,Power, Tasty people,DOOOOM!

Dislikes: Shingimis,Human's,Quinceys,The color pink...

Crushes: Dead @_@

History:On a dark day in a small city on earth,a hollow swallowed a man by the name of Sijimichi. No one really knew this man,they all saw him as a bum,but that was because he was. As a child Sijimichi stated that he would become a shingimi and fight hollows. This dream was never obtained. His family never belived in them and they all eventualy where turned into hollows and then killed. Would this be the same fate for Sijimichi? No,it wouldn't. As a teenager Sijimichi lived out in the open,stealing food from random shops. He was able to keep himself alive untill a hollow attacked him. A quincy tried her best to save Sijimichi but she was'nt strong enough. So the two fled from the area. Sijimichi looked up to this woman ,even though they where of the same age, she had strange powers. Sijimichi lived with this woman for a long time and loved her more than anything before. That was untill he became one of them. He was swallowed by the same Hollow that he had ran away from years before. This in turn turned him into one of those monsters. Sijimichi's first target was now the one he loved. He killed her while she slept and then he left the area. He left to a place by the name of Hueco Mendo and he lived there for a long while,becoming a stronger hollow everyday. He eventualy become a very high level hollow and he went to a place, with a strange palace. What could happen to him next?

Type of Claw:Sijimichi's claws are white in color and are 12 inches long. They are curved and have a great ability to stab things...

Name of Special Weapon: Sekkou

Description:The wire is a dark black color and is very thin.It can move at a great speed allowing it to quickly strike the opponent.

Effect:Sijimichi's special ability allows him to expell dozens of(120 to be excat) razor
wires from his large mouth. He can freely control these wires at his will. These wires are virtualy indestructable. They have the power to cut metals quite easly.These wires are able to reach a 20 meter length but after that they will either retract back into his mouth a float in the air ready to strike. If one of these wires are to be cut or destroyed it will began to regrow from within Sijimichi's body. These wires arme mostly used to grasp the opponent and then bring the enemy back to Sijimichi so he can feast on it.

Spirit Energy Cost: 8 Per Post

History: Sijimichi stood in an alley waiting for an unsuspecting person to be turned into something like him. He,he, hear one comes A muscular man began walking down the alley. Sijimichi grinned as he stood in front of him. They where about the same height though Sijimichi was probaly greater in power. The man quickly grasped Sujimichi by his clothes and tossed him into a wall. Aaaagghh!! Sujimichi slammed against the wall. Your not normal,I guess I'll have to try harder than expected.

The man ran towards Sijimichi with great speed.He tackled Sijimichi to the ground. You fool! Sijimichi stabbed the man with his claws. The man's eyes widened as blood spewed out of his chest. Sijimichi grinned and then laughed evily. I regret nothing.. Sijimichi tossed the man off of him and then stood proudly. You're to weak for me to feast on you but,food is food... Sijimichi quickly swallowed the man causing him to become even stronger. Hmm I feel different.. I saw him over here! Hurry the man might be dead! Sijimichi reached into his mouth,there seemed to be some type of thread in it. What in the world... The wires expelled from Sijimichi's mouth just at the tought of it. This is awsome... Sijimichi quickly left the alley,climbing on top of the building. A group of humans stood at the entrance of the alley ,confused on what was really happining.

Name of Special Weapon: Dageki Yuurei

Description:Sijimichi will become theres really no other description.

Effect:This special abbility will turn the user into a ghost like being. The user can also go straight through anything. This will allow them to enter an opponents body and then get themselves out in anyway possible.This is a great way to quickly kill an unsuspecting person.

Spirit Energy Cost: 4 Per Post

History: Sijimichi stood in a forrest,away from a rookie shingimi. You dare attack me!? HAHAHAAHAHA! This is gonna be fun He said with a grin.

I will purify you,my captian said I was strong enough! The shingimi replied. His entire body wouldn't stop moving,he was obviously nervous.

Bold statements like that will get you killed. I hope you had a great lifetime because it ends now. Sijimichi ran towards the shingimi and slashed at him with his claws. The man blocked it with his zanpaktou. He quickly countered and thrusted his blade towards Sijimichi's neck. The hollow oppened his mouth and black wires expelled from it. The wires wrapped around the blade ,stopping it. Ho,er kill wi a sor? (Translation:So,your skilled with a sword?)

Your crazy! Dageki Yuurei! The shingimi dissepeared along with his zanpaktou.

Danmit,its shikai...Come out come out where ever you are! Sijimichi yelled out

Take this! The shingimi was high above Sijimichi with his sword above his head. He slashed downwards hopping to defeat the hollow.

I thought you where a shingimi,your not supossed to kill me... Sijimichi said ,joking.

Oh yeah,sorry heh. The shingimi stopped himself from slashing Sijimichi and landed on the ground in front of him.

HAHAHAHA! ARE YOU STUPIED!? Sijimichi grasped the shingimi's head and then crushed it. Blood spewed out onto the Hollow's white claws. He then feasted on the shingimi along with his zanpaktou. Well,this will be a nice abbility..heh all ghost like Sijimichi then left back to Hueco Mendo,he was borred with earth.



Cero: Ceros is a High Powered Energy Blast that can be fired from either the mouth or hand. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizards are capable of using Cero attacks, and it the stronger the user, the more powerful the Blast.
SE Cost:7

A technique in which an arrancar or hollow inhales deeply, sucking in the souls of weak humans nearby. This will kill most Humans in the area, and will decrease the exaustion of an Arrancar.
SE Cost: 5

Regenerates an area of the body. Regeneration can only happen when the user is in their released/partial released state unless otherwise stated. Regeneration can only recreate/heal one body part at a time.
SE Cost: 10
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