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 Rules-Follow Them!!!

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PostSubject: Rules-Follow Them!!!   1/20/2008, 23:40

Here are some quick and simple rules to follow while in the presence of art.

NO SPAMMING! You have three strikes then you're out. If I, or my fellow art moderator, catch you spamming we will deduct a point and we will take that from one of your 3 warnings. On the fourth time you spam here, I will see to it that you are banned from the Art Section for a minimum of 3 days! There will be few reasons I take exceptions.

NO FLAMING! Just because someone rated your signature bad, doesn't mean you have to cuss them out! Again, on the fourth time, I'll see to it that you are banned from the Art Section for a minimum of 3 days! NO EXCEPTIONS! I don't want people getting pissed at people just cause they don't like that particular signature they made.

NO OFF-TOPIC TOPICS! If you wanna' know how to get your signature on, then confront the Ideas and Questions Section. None of this should appear here, where we are showing our art.

If you are wondering, poetry can be expressed here. Yes, poetry is a form of art, therefore it is allowed here, hince the name "Art Section".

NO BAD COMMENTS! People, enough negativity is going through the world. If you think the art is bad just say "Oh, well it's okay, but why don't you work on the background." Doesn't have to be background, just what they need to work on.

RATINGS! I will allow ONE Signature Rating and ONE Avatar Rating. Chiyo has even been good enough to start our own avatar rating topic.

ORGINIZATION! I want some organized show cases. If you have hand-drawn art you would like to share, please say you're going to be put that down then. If you're going to put down GFX, then put that in another section of the post. Just so we don't have people constantly asking if it's from the computer or you drew it.

PLEASE FOLLOW THIS! If you have found a funny picture from Photobucket or Google, please post it if you'd like, but don't take credit saying you made it with Gimp or Paint or w/e. I don't friken' care if they didn't have a Copyright!

PLEASE! Follow these very simple rules, and our Art Section will be perfect, clean, and organized. I will kick your ugly, bastardous ass if you don't follow these rules! Really, they're not that hard to follow.

I have the authority to do this, I think!

Oh, and someone sticky this!
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Rules-Follow Them!!!
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