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 Clow Silver

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Human (Ace)

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PostSubject: Clow Silver   1/20/2008, 20:09

Name: Clow Silver

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5’9”

Race: Human

Rank: Ace

Looks: Where’s a white t-shirt with a black open jacket; a pair of black jean pants with grey boots; accessorizes with white bandages on the hands and forearms and a black flat cap. Clow is a skinny and medium sized person. Has no facial hair, besides the goatee and thin sideburns.

Personality: He is a quiet and laid back person. He chooses to joke at random times but is usually a serious and organized person who usually follows by the book. Anyone who steps out of line will be lectured by Clow because he is mainly strict but fair.

Likes: Nature, Clouds, the color changing sky, and Martial arts.

Dislikes: Untidiness, unorganized stuff, and loud and annoying people.

Crushes: Tatsuki Arisawa

History: Clow has always loves to keep things tidy and organized, like how nature was, clean and always right. He enjoyed looking up in the sky; but one day he found one of his friends being jumped in an alleyway. He tried using his karate skills in order to help out, but it was no use to taking on both thugs. When near death, Clow’s body began emitting smoke and soon the alleyway was covered in a fog. After the fog emitted, the thugs were found unconscious and Clow ran to the hospital with his bleeding friend. While in the hospital, his friend thanked him for rescuing him, but was wondering of the fog. Clow was also unsure of the fog, but when returning home, he realized the fog emitted from his body and day by day he would learn more of his ability.
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PostSubject: Re: Clow Silver   1/20/2008, 20:10

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Clow Silver
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