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 Itamikon Tenchi - Vaizard

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PostSubject: Itamikon Tenchi - Vaizard   1/20/2008, 12:30

Name: Itamikon Tenchi

Gender: Male

Age: Apears to be arround 20-25, but his real age is unknown

Height: About 5,6 feet tall (Short Dude)

Race: Ex-Shinigami (Goutei 13, Squad 7, 5th Seat), currently Vaizard

Rank: Vaizard Lord

Looks: Tenchi is a short guy who wares common gray high school clothes (although he appears to be arround 20's which is kind of unusual). He has gray hair, not very long and has a sadistic and sarcastic face, although he doesn't seem very violent. He usualy smiles a lot.

Personality: Friendly and funny in a very annoying way for someone who doesn't know him very well, although people who are used to him don't realy care anymore. His sadistic and sarcastic face show exactly his personality and ideas about life and death.

Likes: Sarcasm, idiots dying (by his hand if possible) and panic and fear on others.

Dislikes: Boring fights or situations, people who are too nice to others (because he finds them boring) and having to wait too long for something.

Crushes: His Zanpakuto!!! <3

History: Itamikon Tenchi died a long time ago, so long that he doesn't even remember when! He went to Soul Society alone, whithout requiring the help from a Shinigami, and lived at one of the less bad parts of the Seireitei. Years have passed until he decided to try out for the Shinigami Academy, which he was successful in. In four years he joined the Goutei 13 and joined the 7th squad, which he considered to be his lucky number. He served under the squad for long time and slowly got his ranks until he finaly reached the 5th seat. However, his true powers were hidden and he didn't intent to rank more because he considered higher ranks too boring and burocratic. As such, he developed his powers in secret until he finaly reached a point he could easily get his Bankai.
However, the Shinigami job was getting too boring for him and the routine of his life got the best of him and he decided it was time to left all that behind and search for true power.

Years latter, something inside of him awakened after lots of sensless battles and blood being scattered. Somehow.. he managed to defeat it and gain it's powers. Weaks after, a group of people who called themselves Vaizards came and made him join their group. Theire proposal was good, either he joined theire ranks and gained even more power and knowledge, or they would kill him. He smiled at the threat and immidiantly joined telling them "You realy have the balls to threaten me! I'll join!".
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PostSubject: Re: Itamikon Tenchi - Vaizard   1/20/2008, 12:32

Quote :
"You realy have the balls to threaten me! I'll join!".

Thats a keeper. Razz

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Itamikon Tenchi - Vaizard
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