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PostSubject: Yorokobi   1/20/2008, 11:46

Name: Yorokobi

Gender: Male

Age: 24 (looks like hes 18 though)

Height: 6" 2

Race: Shinigami

Rank: 11th divison captain

Looks: muscular, Has white spiky hair, Has a red scarf he uses to clean up the blood from himself after a fight, wears a blue under shirt, normaly wears regular black and white robes over his clothing, dosen't wear shoses thinks they slow him down.


Personality: He is a vicous killer though he does have a kind side. He is usually very cocky and enjoys a good fight, He has great humor and always trys to make friends with people he trusts.

Likes: Fighting, eating, sleeping, to mess with people, girls, soccer, football, and to run arround.

Dislikes: Annoying people and People who disobay him, and boring people.

Crushes: None as of now.

History:Yorokobi was born into a regular nothing special family. This is why he always tried his hardest to become the best of the best. When he was 6 he was enrolled into school Yorokobi hated learning boring stuff like that and fell asleep alot in the classes. He made lots of friends in school because he was funny and was very athletic. He played soccer and football. Later on inlife he began getting in fights with people. So his parents started teaching him the art of swordsman ship. He killed his father by accident because he was sparing with his father but when in the spar he couldn't stop himself he needed to finish the battle even if it meant killing his own father. Yorokobi's mother was so mad when she found out that she drowned him in there back yard pond.

After he died a big demon thing was chasing after Yorokobi. He knew he had killed his father but it was by accident why would he be put in hell for one thing he did bad the rest of life he had been good. Suddenly someone in black robes and kantana came from no where. They caught the monsters head off and it disapeared into the air. "Thanks?" said Yorokobi surprised that someone had actually came and saved him in his after life. The weilder of the great kantana then just smiled and hit yorkobi in the forehead with the hilt of his katana. Yorokobi blacked out for a few seconds then came through he noticed he was in a differnet place wear had the black robed man taken him. Yorkobi then knew where he was he was in hevan.

After getting to Hevan/Seireitei he was quickly paired up with a family and to a district. He made a soccer and football team he taught all the kids how to play even some of the adults. He noticed a wall that looked like was at least 200feet tall. "Whats in there" Yorokobi asked his step parents. "Thats where the shinigami live and if you become a strong enough fighter we might even enrole you in the academy when your older" his step dad said. Once he learned of this he restarted his training in swordsman ship. So from that point on he was known as merciless fighter he entered every tournament the districts hosted killing anyone who decided they would be able to beat this boy. After one of the fights he found a kantana on the floor next to his bed he hid it from his foster parents knowing they would think a shinigami had left it. Finally his foster parent let him join the academey at the age 10.

After a few years in the academey he was able to controll his Zanpaukto ( Sumiyaka). He left the academy at the age of 13. He was put in the 11th divison because of his desire to fight was so great he had no more fearss only one goal to become stronger than anyone else. He slowly grew in rank finally he had become a vice captain for division 11 the only way he'd become a captain would be by killing another captain.Well the only description was 11th division captain so Yorokobi knew what he had to do. After an intense battle with; the division captain Yorokobi was the one knealing on the dead shinigami smirking"heh its time for me to take my place" said Yorokobi the next day they found the body noticing that Yorokobi was the next in line for a Captain spot they gave him the 11th Division captains spot. Every now and then he will go down to earth and play football or soccer with people who are playing in the street or at a park. This is because his love of these sports are so great and most Shinigami focus only on fighting which was a good thing but they didn't know anything about soccer or football.

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PostSubject: Re: Yorokobi   1/20/2008, 11:55 short...

But, alright, approved.
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