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 Welcome to Hueco Mundo!

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Shiroijin Dante
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PostSubject: Welcome to Hueco Mundo!   1/19/2008, 20:31

Well then, you're probably thinking, "OMG! HOLLOWS ROCK!" Well...sadly...You're Right! Villains are most fun, and get to do basically anything ya want, even a GOOD EVIL! Now, you're probably wondering,

"What now?" Well, to outline it, your goals will depend on your rank and skill.

Now, I am Leader of Hueco Mundo, Arrancar #1, Shiroijin Dante. Thus, you bow down to me. Razz

I will be giving the majority of the orders and missions out, though these may be created or passed down by other Espada or higher ranked Hollows.

Missions? Why do them? How do them? Objectives? Etc?

Basically, most Hollows require Souls to eat to Nourish them sufficiently. Even with the high concentration of Spiritual particles in Hueco Mundo, it isn't very effective, nor does it make you stronger. Thus, either eating other Hollows(not suggested, since it lowers overall number of forces) or Humans.

Thus, Hollow Missions will be trips to the real world, and Seiretei to devour other souls and strengthen our army. Main targets, and dangerous ones, will be Quincys, Humans, and Shinigamis who travel to Earth.

Gradually, your rank will grow, Whether simply Menos upgrading, or Becoming Arrancar, or getting a Higher number.

Arrancars, however, have an all together different jobs. They order and control Hueco Mundo, as well as the Legions of Hollows. While Hollows focus on earth, Arrancar focus on Seiretei and the death of Shinigami. They are the generals, and will fight typcially against Higher ranking individuals.

Thus, life as a Hollow is NEVER boring. Now, you'll be given missions as soon as you identify yourself and will likely to be grouped with other Hollows with Similar or supplementing abilities. While eating them is always a choice( Yum Razz), it is not suggested, since it weakens the overall group, and really doesn't look good in a report.
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Welcome to Hueco Mundo!
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