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 My Plans

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PostSubject: My Plans   1/19/2008, 19:18

Okay then, since the site is up, I might as well explain my game plan.

First off, Activity. Always an important Question. Now, the first thing we can do, of course, as expected, is leech off of Naruto Ninja Way. And of course, Naruto-Arena.

The obvious ones. Now, things get harder since if we rely strictly on those two, we're pretty much doomed. Thus, we have to start asking people to advertise at other sites...which is doomed to failure usually. Now, I can think of a few less obvious sites already, and, as mods and users, am suggesting that you help, even if a little.

Now then, the interesting part. Now, Hollows/Arrancar. The ranking system is fair and all, however, it presents an interesting question. Why be Hollow, or any low rank, when you can just be an Espada? And thus, I will answer this question by enforcing limits on how people can become Espada and Arrancar.

First off, I will be accepting only 2 more Espadas in the beginning. The rest will be forced to play as Hollows(With Exceptions Possible). Now, there will be multiple ways to become Arrancar. First off is the classic ranking up. The second will be my special power, that, if approved, will allow me to turn Hollows into Arrancar of equal level. Thus, I will pick one Hollow a Month who I feel showed the most evilness and power, and turn him into an Arrancar.

Thus, Limiting, but still allowing Arrancar Progress.

Now, while no OTHER races have to do this, I suggest that players limit their races a bit, if only so it makes sense, though, admitably, people don't ALWAYS choose the highest rank possible.

Finally, I am currently, as Trublu can tell you, on more Hollow Based Powers for the list, so not to be outnumbered by a Shinigami's Keidos.
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My Plans
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