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 How to give classes

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PostSubject: How to give classes   9/11/2007, 16:47

Ninja Academy - How to Give Classes

In here, new members can learn the basics of RPing before they face themselves against a battle or any other RPing situation.

Who can give lessons?

Basicly, anyone who wants can give lessons.

Who can learn?

Anyone interested can learn, from a simple Students who don't even have charactersyet, to an captains.

What can be teached?

Any type of combat can be teached. Any kind of world interaction or scenario creation and others may also be teached.Rules can also be explained here if the teacher wishes to.The type of teaching and how to teach is for the teacher to decide. Just remember to keep the RPG rules so that the students can learn things better.

How to create a class?

Simply create a topic telling the subject and the maximum of students you will allow. After that, you are the lord and master of your topic. Just remember to make others keep the rules
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How to give classes
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