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 Chiyo the Zenith of Flash

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PostSubject: Chiyo the Zenith of Flash   1/19/2008, 17:36

Name: Chiyo Shihōin

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5'8

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Captain of Squad 1

Looks: ava

Personality: Very anxious and free-spirited person

Likes: Earth and everything about it

Dislikes: Being confined

Crushes: None

History: While alive Chiyo had a younger sister with whom she took care of the girls were orphaned by a dead mother. They ran away from their father who sought to have the girls pleasure him sexually. As the girls ran away they were attacked by a hollow having been the older one Chiyo selfishlessly sacricies herself for her sister who is later saved by a soul reaper who destroys the hollow and gives Chiyo a proper Soul Burial.She attented academy in hopes to become a shinigami so that she can travel to Earth and visit her sister. While attending school she meets her savior from that day of her death and the two begin a great romance later marrying each other once she graduated and became a member of squad 1. She was later prompted to vice-captain after receiving the title Zenith of Flash and being known to her fellow officers for her Kido and Flash mastery. After the death of her captain she was later prompted because she was most suitable to do so following her promption Chiyo's husband died of a uncurable disease but the captain stood strong and now sneaks off to Earth from time to time to check on the descendants of her loving sister who she keeps a close eye on which comforts her during stressful times.

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Shiroijin Dante
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PostSubject: Re: Chiyo the Zenith of Flash   1/19/2008, 19:22

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Chiyo the Zenith of Flash
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