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 The Ranks

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PostSubject: The Ranks   9/11/2007, 16:24

These are the ranks for all optional characters in the site:

1. Human
2. Human (Rookie)
3. Human (Junior)
4. Human (Pro)
5. Human (Ace)

1. Shinigami (Training)
2. Shinigami
3. Officer
4. Vice-Captain
5. Captain

1. Human
2. Quincy (Rookie)
3. Quincy (Junior)
4. Quincy (Pro)
5. Quincy (Master)

*Note: First level Quincys are considered humans.
*Note: Shinigami (Training) are shinigamis who havenít heard the name of their zanpakuto yet.

1. Hollow
2. Menos (Gillian)
3. Menos (Adjuchas)
4. Menos (Vasto Lorde)

1. Numero
2. Privaron
3. Espada
4. Arrancar Leader

1. Shinigami
2. Vizard
3. Knight
4. Lord
5. Vizard Leader

In order to advance to the next rank, an Administrator or a Moderator must advance you; you can also advance through events (e.g. tournaments).
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The Ranks
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